What if I were to tell you there was a different way.

An easier way.

A way that aligns with the way you want to feel?


Soulful Business Academy


Soulful business academy is a 12 week program for soulful business owners who are ready to step up, be seen and make a real impact with the work that lights them up.

This course was created for you. If you've been searching for a different way to do business, then darling, step right this way.

This is not...

A get rich-quick scheme,  or a program that merely scratches the surface of the things you need to know.

This is...

A whole-hearted business school for women forging their own path, showing them how they can feel connected, supported and guided through the process of kick-starting or up-levelling their business. 

Because running your own business should feel good.

Really Good.

It's time we collectively turned the page in our journals and start writing a new business success story.


One that values lifestyle and relationships over money and marketing.

One that sees you in-flow and attracting what you want into your life and business.


It's time you equipped yourself with the tools, know-how and mindset that will start you on the business trajectory you've been dreaming of.

Who is Soulful Business Academy for?

Soulful Business Academy is for coaches, spirit junkies, soul-o-preneurs and creatives who are looking for a new way to run their business.

This program is suited to you if you:

  • Are confused and #overwhelmed by all the information out there, telling you different things on the next best thing that will sky-rocket the success of your biz
  • Are ready to change the way you do biz, to one that's more aligned with the soul-work you're creating
  • Want to create a business that supports your lifestyle goals just as much as your monetary ones
  • Desire to make an impact whilst doing work that lights your soul
  • Are ready to attract clients to your business, with an energy of ease and grace
  • Want to take the big visions you have for your business and create aligned action plans
  • Know that shifting some key mindset blocks will unlock a new source of energy in your business

This program probably isn't for you if you:

  • Dislike talking about anything spiritual, mindset-focused, woo-woo or discussing the masculine & feminine energies (there will be optional elements, but I do speak a lot about these things throughout the course material
  • Are 100% happy with the way that your business is running now, and don't want to bring more ease to the work you're doing (kudos to you, you go girl!)
  • Don't like taking action towards achieving your goals, you're happy just to dream about the 'one-day' of it all


Here's What We'll Be Covering


Module 1 - Purposeful Planning

You wouldn't want a pilot to fly your plane, without a clear path to your destination - so why would you want to run your business without some purposeful planning?

You'll Discover:

  • A soulful way of crafting the big visions for your business and why it's important to keep looking ahead
  • The power of working with your intentions to attract your future vision into reality
  • A new way of setting goals, that lead with your soul and focus on the dream life you're creating
  • How to craft affirmations and switch your mindset, harnessing the law of attraction into your business
  • Making space for your dreams to come into fruition

  • Bonus Materials:
  • Live Goal-Setting Workshop, creating a clear map towards your long-term, mid-term and short-term goals
  • Future Visioning Guided Meditation, my signature source of tapping into your soulful business' future
  • Easy-to-Implement Goal-Trackers, to maintain the focus and remind you to celebrate each step of the journey
  • Module 2 - Aligned Income Streams

    Successful business are sustainable business - so it's important you're working in a way that feels good and meets your dream clients where they need you most.

    You'll Discover:

  • Aligning your products and services to the way you like to work
  • Blending your business goals with your lifestyle goals to create a sustainable business model that's right for you
  • Mastering your money-mindset to clear any blocks holding you back from reaching your goals
  • Pricing and packaging your offerings, making them irresistible to your dream clients

  • Bonus Materials:
  • My unique system of budgeting and financial planning which will help you determine how to structure your offerings in order to reach your monetary goals
  • Done-for-you scripts for sharing your offers with your dream clients
  • Module 3 - Emerging Online Presence

    You want to be the go-to gal for your dream clients, be known for changing their lives, so you know you want to make the best first-impression.

    You'll Learn:

  • What really makes your brand attractive to your dream clients, it's far beyond that perfect font choice
  • How to create a stunning visual brand (on any budget) - where to begin, what to invest in first and how to spend your hard-earned money in the wisest way
  • Expanding your brand beyond the visuals, so you can step into the light and shine

  • Bonus Materials:
  • The Ultimate Guide for building your brand (on a budget)
  • 101 of creating a client-winning website
  • Module 4 - Gathering The Tribe

    You know that you want to create a connected community, but the thought of 'marketing' your business is bringing up all kinds of 'sleazy-salesman' feels. Instead, you want to create a loved-up and eager tribe around your business.

    You'll Learn:

  • The new way of digital marketing - one that prides itself on soul, community and connection
  • Why building a newsletter tribe is key to building your business.
  • How to navigate the technology side of building a newsletter tribe.
  • How to develop a real-connection with your dream clients through the power of email marketing

  • Bonus Materials:
  • Step-by-step video tutorials
  • Done-for-you scripts to help you create a newsletter welcome series
  • Module 5 - Connecting With Content

    Putting yourself out there (even if it is 'just on the internet') can feel dawnting and scary - I get it! But creating meaningful content allows you to reach into the lives of your dream clients - right through the computer screen.

    You'll Learn:

  • How to authentically share your gifts (and knowledge) with your dream clients
  • Creating a content platform that's aligned with the way you wish to show up
  • Finding your audience and reaching them in new and exciting ways
  • Breaking through the mindset barriers holding you back from showing up and shining!

  • Bonus Materials:
  • My step-by-step system for creating powerful content (that leads your dream clients to your virtual doorstep
  • Blog & Analytic tracker - so you know how your efforts are resonating with your dream clients
  • A 90-day content planning template
  • Module 6 - Soul Filled Social Media

    You've created a blog or website, crafted your perfect offerings but maybe you're still hearing crickets. Social Media can get a bad-wrap and sometimes it takes more energy than you can handle - but I promise you there's a soulful way you can show up for your tribe and expand your reach.

    You'll Learn:

  • How to find and attract your dream clients through Social Media
  • Ways to show up, focusing on fostering engagement and connection.
  • Tools and tips to make your social media experience full of soul

  • Bonus Materials:
  • Social Media Content Planner
  • 'Understanding Your Social Media Insights' - a comprehensive guide to understanding your analytics and improving the social media experience for both you and your dreamies.
  • A Social Media tracker - done-for-you spreadsheets that will give you your insights at a glance (no expensive monthly accounts required!)
  • Module 7 - Nurturing Customer Funnels

    When you've created beautiful offers that meet your dream clients where they're at and you're showing up, it's time to nurture the relationship. How can you go deeper and keep your dream clients coming back for more.

    You'll Learn:

  • How to create a nurturing customer funnel - from finding your dream clients to keep them returning after you've worked with them
  • Developing a customer value ladder - continuing to show up for your clients in the different ways that they need
  • Creating a sales funnel that feels natural and nurturing - no sleazy salesman tactics in sight

  • Bonus Materials:
  • Done-for-you scripts for taking your clients from discovery sessions to returning clients
  • Templated sales funnels, that you can pick up and apply to your very own business
  • Module 8 - Abundant Systems

    Working in a way that feels good means that you'll likely identify some items that you don't want to give your energy to, but are crucial to your business' success. Developing systems and even hiring a VA can be essential to taking your business to the next level.

    You'll Learn:

  • How to map out your business processes, streamline the way you do things and make the most out of your efforts
  • Determining what to outsource, what to keep and what actually doesn't need doing!
  • Hiring your first team member - should you bring someone into your business, or outsource?

  • Bonus Materials:
  • Position Description templates
  • Technology Toolkit - my go-to guide for the technology that your business needs (so you don't have to go through all the headaches figuring out which ones to choose).

    Bonus Module 1

    Bonus Module 2

    Gracefully Stepping Into The Light

    Mastering PR, Public Speaking & Hosting Events can help you expand your reach and engage with new dream clients in a natural way.

    Connecting & Collaborating

    Finding collaborations that are beneficial to both sides of the collaboration. Working in a collaboration is a great way to build your brand.


    When you enrol in Soulful Business Academy, you'll also receive:



    4 x Live Group Coaching Calls

    This online program is designed to support and encourage you. No doubt you'll have questions along the way, and I want you to know I'm there to support you along the journey. 

    Throughout our 12 weeks together, we'll jump on Zoom together where you can get personalised feedback, ask questions and support each other in the program.



    Private Members-Only Facebook Group

    My intention for Soulful Business Academy is to create a welcoming and supportive space where you can come as you are, and explore the tools that will help take your business to the next level. What better way to expand your business than to connect with others also participating in Soulful Business Academy.

    I'll personally be interacting in the Facebook Group, with additional Q&A time, extra tips and tools to help you create your soul-filled business.



    Done-For-You Scripts, Templates & Tools

    I've been through the hard-yards, trying out new technologies (and tearing my hair out over them), hours of streamlining my systems and processes, developing marketing strategies and tools - and I want to share them with you. Because you don't need to go through all those headaches.

    I'll be sharing with you done-for-you scripts to help you communicate better with your dream clients, pitch that podcast or develop your sales-funnels. Plus, there's loads of templates and tools I've created just for you. All inside Soulful Business Academy.


    Surprise Guest Experts

    I've rounded up some of my favourite business babes who are making waves in their own unique way. They're experts in specific areas and will share their tips and tricks with you! They'll guide you on mindset, strategy and marketing your business.


    Lifetime Access

    My vision is for Soulful Business Academy to be your go-to-guide for creating a business that lights you up and nourishes your soul. By offering you lifetime access, I know Soulful Business Academy will be the resource that will support you. Through lifetime access you'll be able to come back to any of the resources time and time again, no matter what stage of business you're at. PLUS you'll receive access to all future updates, additional resources and bonus materials - with the option of joining in any future rounds LIVE for added accountability and support.

    Ready to get started?

    Because I’m so excited for you to start creating your soul-filled business, one that feels good and lights you up, I'm giving you the opportunity to join Soulful Business Academy in it's first round, for the introductory price of $797AUD.



    You're ready for Soulful Business Academy
    if you want to...

    Blend business-goals with your dream lifestyle...

    Work with clients that light you up...

    Create a business that fulfills you...

    Learn how to market your business, without the sleazy-salesy tactics...

    Create products & services that your dream clients love... 

    Are you ready for all this goodness?

    Got Questions???

    You're covered with our Frequently Asked Questions!!!

    When does Soulful Business Academy begin?

    We officially kick off on Monday 4 September.
    Whilst you'll receive access to Module 0 and our exclusive Facebook Community on August 25, this is a preliminary pre-program module to set you up for success. Module 1 will land in your inbox on September 4.

    How is the content delivered?

    Soulful Business Academy is a mixture of insightful video content, where I'll be sharing the concepts with you, easy-to-complete worksheets and a bunch of handy bonus resources (think: guided meditations, done-for-you scripts, templates and trackrs.

    Will I get 1:1 support?

    For the price-point of Soulful Business Academy, 1:1 support isn't included. However, as this is the introductory round, numbers will be limited - so you'll be getting loads of attention in our private Facebook Community and Live Group calls.

    How much time will I need to complete the content?

    The 8 core modules are delivered over 12 weeks (we've got 3 dedicated implementation weeks included - so you've got extra time to implement your learnings). However, as you'll receive lifetime access, you can work your way through the content at your own pace or come back to any of the resources at any point in the future.

    What if I change my mind?

    With this being the first round of Soulful Business Academy it's offered at a great introductory rate. Therefore, a refund or change-of-mind period is not included. There's so much great content included that I'm positive it's worth every single dollar (and more!).


    Hi I'm Elle!

    I'm a Marketing & Business Coach for female entrepreneurs just like you.

    I help women create soulful strategies that have allow them to show up in the world in a way that feels aligned and connected to their big visions. Through mixing the practical marketing knowledge (and proven strategies) with soul-centered techniques that put all of your goals on the table. 

    What others have to say about working with Elle

    Elle was a dream to work with. She took the time to understand my business and the vision. Elle's great eye for design and attention to detail confirmed that I'd chosen the right designer to bring my project to life.

    "Elle was a dream to work with. She took the time to understand my business and the vision."

    - Michelle, Eyes of Love

    “Working with Elle, I experienced the magic of working with someone that has an amazing visual eye AND marketing and copywriting experience all in one."

    -Victoria, Life Coach


    "Working with Elle is seriously amazing! I felt so looked after and like Elle was really invested in my idea."

    - Sophie, Social Media Mentor


    So darling one...

    Are you ready to create a business, the soulful way?

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