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Module 0 - Welcome


Welcome to Soulful Business Academy beautiful soul!
I can’t tell you how over the moon I am to have you join me in this program.

Soulful Business Academy has been created to help women create a business that is aligned with the way they want to feel. Throughout our 12 weeks together we’ll be blending the soulful elements you’ve been exploring in your personal life into your business. Because it’s my belief that these don’t need to be separate from each other.

Building a business has been said to be one of the biggest self-discovery processes you can undertake and I’d have to agree!But that doesn’t mean you have to go through the hard yards of navigating how to build your business and design the lifestyle that you’re wanting all on your own.

Throughout this program, you'll find your own tools and techniques that help you to blend the soulful and spiritual elements of yourself into your business. Of course, I’ll be sharing my favourite tools with you for you to explore if you wish to, or perhaps you’ve already explored them and you’re ready to use these in your business in a more practical way.



What's covered in this module?

  • Welcome & what are we here for?
  • What does it mean to create a 'soulful' business?
  • What's in store over the next 12 weeks?
  • How much time will you need?
  • Setting yourself up for success
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Getting To Know Your Dream Clients

What Does A Soulful Business Mean To Me?

This worksheet will help you take stock of where you're currently at in your business. We'll look at what is feeling good, what needs some improvements and what you'd love to bring to life throughout your Soulful Business Academy journey.

Getting To Know Your Dream Client

This workbook is my very own unique formula for getting to know your dream client like never before. We'll explore the concepts of who they are, what they're struggling with and how you can help them. I'll also be sharing some of my favourite tools for getting crystal clear on every element of your dream client!

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